The People's Writer
The People's Writer
Stephanie Hudson - helping people who help people.





Hi there... how can I help?

Lots of opportunity but not enough time? You've got great ideas in mind but getting them on paper is not your thing?

Hi there, I'm Steph - a grant writer and project facilitator focused on bridging the gap between great ideas and great opportunities. 

With a background writing in the tourism development, community, disability and Out-of-Home Care sectors and a Bachelor's Degree in Communication, I work with people needing a skill set that can work across industries and organisations to develop a common goal. 

I've spent the last 10 years writing, planning, developing, facilitating, speaking, negotiating, coordinating and - the big one - problem solving to get the best outcome for the teams, industries and communities in which I've worked. It's afforded me some great roles in the leisure industry with Tourism Queensland and Gold Coast Tourism.

But I've also spent time building an understanding of human issues, community development and social disadvantage in roles with local government and a national disability services and Out-Of-Home Care organisation.

Today, I combine this experience to offer individuals, community groups, business and organisations the resource they need to bring it all together. 



I’m a professional and proud of my craft so I only work with the best tools I know. That means you'll receive timely responses, unlimited communication, your ideas and copy kept confidential and a follow-up guarantee on the craftsmanship of my work.

I never compromise quality for time and I meet my deadlines. To do this I only take on clients when I have capacity so you get my undivided attention and a realistic schedule that accommodates your project. 



Stephanie is a very talented writer who tells compelling stories that highlight important social issues and that ultimately appeal to funders as evidenced by her recent successes. I have worked with her on many projects and I’m always impressed with the passion she has to help those less fortunate and the commitment she displays in getting the work done to the highest standard. Stephanie is the complete package who combines excellent communication skills and succinct prose with research and a meaningful ask. I would highly recommend her in any writing project.
— Melissa Collins, Business Development Manager, Lifestyle Solutions