Choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.
— Confucious

and here i came to be...

After 10 years in the tourism and community services industries 2017 marks the year I'll blend my love for work and family into the heart-based freelancing venture that is, The People's Writer.

I've created this space to bring my skills and experience to the unsung heroes in the community and not-for-profit sectors. I'm passionate about the social framework that  supports those most in need our community. I learned quickly that having an in-house grant writer or project coorindator is a luxury for many organisations doing this work. Yet, so often it can be a short term resource or external support that, when brought in at the right time, can make such a huge a difference in getting things to progress.

While I get the pleasure of working with these unsung heroes I'm also blending the privilege of being a modern Mum, Wife and 30-something woman in the beautiful city of Newcastle, NSW.  

My husband and I were gifted with a determined and ever-busy little three-year old girl, Harper. We're regularly found by the beach sipping coffee and babycinos most Saturday mornings (ok, Sunday too). I earn my pennies combining this freelance writing workload with business and administration support to my husband's boutique engineering and project management company.

In the moments I'm not doing any of the above I'm usually swinging in aerial yoga  or stretching on a Pilates machine. Occasionally you'll find me sitting in a cafe' writing for kicks.

I love green smoothies and chocolate equally, miss my family in Tasmania terribly and have a moderate addiction to Netflix (but who doesn't?). 

Most of all I'm passionate about lifelong learning and pursuing a purpose  - making a difference with what knowledge, skills and advice I have is pretty much the ultimate in my book.