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by the word

In the freelance world of writing it's common to charge a per word rate. It makes sense when the size and detail of written work is so varied. My per word rate is 40 cents

This option means costs are relevant and tailored to each written component of a specific project.  It also gives you flexibility to assign resources where you need them most. For example, if you have all the information prepared for a submission, report or article, and just need a writer, this option could be the best value.

However, if you need someone to do a bit of ground work before the submission can be written, you might like to explore the options below.

by the hour

We all know that projects are more than just the paper they're written on. There's usually a lot of work that goes into getting a project to 'YES' stage. Unfortunately there aren't always the same level of internal resources available so it's often the reason many great project ideas remain that way - as ideas.

A project charged on an hourly rate invests time in the areas you need addressed right now without committing the budget to ongoing resource. My hourly rate is $60. Flat.

These hours are usually spent on things like desktop research to prepare a S.W.O.T analysis, phone calls with funding bodies, consulting with a company's stakeholders and compiling feedback, aligning a project to a review of government strategy, facilitating workshops - the list goes on as long as your project does.

But when the job's complete, so are the costs. All the while you've been kept free to focus on your core business.

as per quote

If you're thinking 'But I need both' or 'My project's a bit tricky', a quoted price is an option that can give you a little comfort. Especially if the purse strings are tight.

We'd usually meet to review your project's details and I'd ask you a few particular questions around timelines, non-negotiables and what 'great' looks like for you. I'll take this away and come back within 24 hours with a costed proposal - a.k.a a quote.

Again, I get that flexibility is freedom. So my quotes are broken down into the project stages so you can alter, pause, add or take out whatever you need as circumstances change.

We could always just have a chat?

Whether you're curious or serious, feel free to contact me to find out exactly those details you need to get started. If you're in the area, and you prefer a chat, I'm always up for a coffee...

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