Grant Writing and Strategy

Grants are the ultimate in getting great projects off the ground. And I love being a part of their impact. I've written grant submissions to over 55 different funding bodies including charitable trusts and foundations, state and federal government, local councils and industry bodies. They've carried a theme of community development having worked over a decade in tourism and community services sectors. 

the application

Whether you're a first-time applicant or seasoned submitter, your best chance of winning comes with a fully-planned-for project. Alas, in the not-for-profit and community services world, tight resources often means grant deadlines come due before you've had a chance to cement your ideas with stakeholders. 

I help coordinate input, collate ideas, confirm a plan and bring this all together in a written submission. If you've been down this path already - great! I can pick-up previously planned or written applications and develop a new submission against the grant's guidelines.

I get that flexibility is important when out-sourcing so this service comes completely custom to your needs. 

better yet, the strategy

Because it's so much more than just the application. If you're like me, and know the value of a strategy (a.k.a a map), then you might be looking for assistance in assessing the grant landscape? Here I consult multiple grant, trust, foundation and philanthropic platforms to identify and best align your project to a list of potential funding opportunities.

Tenders and Expressions of Interests

Making a strategic decision to go for new business is the easy part. Completing a comprehensive tender submission and response forms is not.

I work in close partnership with you and your team to lead the writing and positioning of a comprehensive submission to government and private requests for proposals. I work to ensure the response is strong and the entire submission meets the often rigorous standards laid out by the agency.   

Report Writing

They come in all shapes and sizes: annual, activities, acquittals and, the always pending, tell-me-what-you've-achieved-so-far reports. I can do the heavy lifting when you need someone to bring these together. 

Project Coordination

I studied Public Relations at uni because I love using my communication skills to bring stakeholders and differing publics together for a common purpose.

Depending on your project's focus this usually involves me helping you define what 'great' looks like, scoping a framework for engagement, executing the agreed plan in a scheduled timeline and bringing things to a close with a final presentation or report on our findings and outcomes.

Take a look at my previous work or contact me for my CV to see if my skill set and experience share common ground with your project.

Enhancing Communications

corporate proposals, letters, bios, newsletters (and more)

Sometimes you need the perfect pitch in written form. An engaging letter to stakeholders, an inspiring newsletter for staff, a professional (but not pretentious) bio - I craft my words to the tone you're looking for.   

editing and proofreading

I proofread applications and proposals,  before you submit them, making sure your message is clear and that you’ve followed instructions provided by procurement or the grant maker. A second set of eyes on your proposal is always important especially if it relates to a specialist sector that I'm able to offer an experienced perspective.